Sushi Couture

Sushi Couture | Miami

The Challenge

Reality star and entrepreneur, as well as self-professed “foodie”Jonathan Cheban’s culinary passion inspired him to dive into the another sushi business.  Having worked with Kim Kardashain’s pal Jonathan on the Sushi MiKasa brand, he came back to KOVICK for Sushi Couture. He was looking for a stylish design that would reflect luxury couture sushi that served the highest in quality . We had just the right recipe for him.

Our Solution

To stand out in the crowded sea of sushi spots in Miami, we created a timeless mark that represented a venue of high stature. Going for a minimalistic yet unique look, you will notice the initials “SC” with two hidden fish.

As usual KOVICK delivered just the right recipe of design and development for our brand Sushi Couture.

Jonathan Cheban, Owner