Male Enhancement Supplement

The Challenge

Rigid is a sexual performance enhancer for men that has been scientifically formulated to increase endurance and hardness while intensifying pleasure and satisfaction. With so many pills on the market, they needed a branding package and corporate identity that represented strength and power.

Our Solution

To keep our client’s brand enhancement and arousal, we created a brand experience that gets the heart racing. To symbolize rigorous enhancement and arousal, we maded the brand id skewed upward toward a peak. Also you will notice two peaks that represent mountain top peaks, as well as pulse rate peaks. This gives it an extreme sports appeal with a long lasting effect. Also if you look closely you will notice a hidden arrow between the “ID” and the peaks.

I've worked with many, many consultants over the years, and I would rank KOVICK as one of the most insightful and strategic teams I've partnered with.

Everett Farr, Founder