Lounge - Charlotte, NC

The Challenge

Days before Kazba was prepping to get their outdoor signs made, they had a change of heart on the current designed brandmark. They contacted KOVICK to step in and save this brand from disaster. You be the judge, see the “before and after” image.

Our Solution

Reflecting of their exquisitely Moroccan designed space we designed a mark to match. At the top of the “K” you will notice a torch flame inspired by their custom made fire-pit in the outdoor lounge area. ┬áReflecting the exquisitely Moroccan designed space, we created a brand with timeless ethnicity to match.

Working with KOVICK gave us the chance to be challenged in our assumptions and see our situation from a very different perspective. As many nightlife venues come and go, 5 years later and we are still standing strong.

Steve Houraney , Owner