Starbucks On The Go

by Nicholas Galekovic


Tall. Grande. Venti. One word comes to mind when we hear those words: Starbucks. We all know that Starbucks is one of the most recognizable brands in the world with customers of every race, orientation, and age. Yet, they are pushing the envelope and have taken the word “branding” to another level.

Just days ago, Switzerland became the first country to have a Starbucks store on something other than land; they now have a fully operational store on a double-decker train car.  Not the most feasible idea, but innovative for sure.

The design of the train was a challenge, considering this has never been done before. The goal was to maintain the same feeling and atmospheric experience on the train that customers know and love when relaxing in their local Starbucks store. The signature green color, the cozy feeling of being at home, and authentic décor had to remain consistent for the brand experience to be unchanged. It seems that the train has been successfully designed giving customers exactly what they expect from Starbucks, except now they can have it while flying down the Swiss Railways.

A brand’s unique details have to be consistent throughout every project or medium in order to keep brand awareness and loyalty alive.  Understanding the most identifiable elements of your brand will allow you to take risks without losing the creative vision along the way.

So, what do you think about this new endeavor?  Exceptional branding strategy or over the top?



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