New Charlotte Hornets

by Nicholas Galekovic


The Charlotte Bobcats home game Saturday night was a very special one. Not because they were victorious, unfortunately, but because of the much anticipated reveal of the new logo for the Hornets name that will be brought back to Charlotte next season, and I was there to capture the ceremony.

Nicholas Galekovic, founder of KOVICK, stated the following about the new brand identity of the new Charlotte Hornets logo:

It’s not that the identity is a bad design in itself, (although it looks more like a mosquito / dragon fly), it’s just that it completely killed the value of a classic brand identity.  If that many people rallied to “Bring Back the Buzz”, subconsciously what they really wanted was the original brand. I understand they wanted to revamp the brand to make it look “up to date” and “fierce”, however they should have taken the same approach that the Carolina Panthers did.  Make some minor polishes but not completely deface it.  Death to a classic brand is what I think of this.

Michael Jordan, owner of the Bobcats, did the honors and introduced the logo concept video to the fans. The ending shot was the new logo in all it’s glory: a sleek, modernized hornet with the classic teal and purple colors hovering behind the “Charlotte Hornets” team name. The fans loved the new look, which made everyone even more excited for the name to come home to the Queen City.

What do you think? Should the Nike designers have kept with the classic logo to maintain the brand value, or is the new logo a smart move in the right direction?



9 responses to “New Charlotte Hornets”

  1. Bring Back The Buzz says:

    Glad you like our logo

  2. Nick says:

    Hi @BringBackTheBuzz,

    We where unsure who designed the original conceptual polished version but we added our KOVICK touch it.

    We feel the the new official brand design is nice, however bringing back what the people original rallied for with a polished look would have been much better!

    What do you think?

  3. Bring back the Buzz says:

    oh it looks the same. what did you do to it? Our friend and designer BigDub made it for us 2 years ago.

    We actually really like the new logo. as somebody born and raised in Charlotte we feel that after 25 years the Charlotte Hornets would have probably evolved to something like this. the only one we are “iffy” about is the new Hugo logo because of the smile and arms but beyond that its great!

  4. Nick says:

    Hi @BringBackTheBuzz,

    Yes I agree with your angle of the new marks and that the New Hugo does not match the aggressive look. I love the symmetry of the new design, just thought it looked like a mosquito and or dragon fly at first glance.

    I really dig how you guys built up such a large BUZZ ( no pun intended ) forcing MJ to bring back the Hornets.

  5. Peter says:

    I mean, yeah it could’ve been better, but ya can’t change the past. and besides, it’s not ALL BAD, the animation of the logo unveiling is cool 😀

  6. Peter says:

    Since the new logo is unveiled, I just might as well LOVE it!

    I can’t WAITTTTTTTTTTT to get a new Charlotte Hornets draft hat & new Charlotte Hornets basketball cards!

  7. Nick says:

    Hi @Peter,

    Yes I agree the animation of the signature is very nice. Im sure thats what sold the executives on the idea when the showed that video.

    I cant wait either for the NEW gear to release nationally! The true test will be if it will sell as good as the old gear did just on a fashion level. Not even a team support level.

  8. langsten says:

    hi i think everythings great but it doesnt even look like purple it looks like dark blue @BringBackTheBuzz

  9. Yacon Root says:

    Great Blog. Really enjoyed reading.

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